In 1648 Bartolomeo Zymorovych was first time elected to the mayor of the city - and thereafter several times he won the elections. His sharp mind earned him to the status of "Lviv Solomon": the legend of his wise tribunal is retold by people for over 300 years.


Once Bartolomeo Zymorovych heard that in Virmens’ka street №5 the brewer made his own beer by his recipe which he kept in a big secret. The mayor , who liked to enjoy a good quality beer after work, decided to go and check by himself whether it is true or not.


The brewer welcomed the mayor and poured him some freshly brewed beer.


Bartolomeo Zymorovych has never tasted such a soft, sweet-scented but strong beer that it took him right away.


That is why he decided to give an order according to which the brewer could not change the recipe under any circumstances. This order also showed evidence of commitment and recommendation of the mayor.


To boast to his neighbours, the brewer hung the letter of merit with the signature of the mayor on the façade of his stone house. From time to time the mayor visited the house in Virmens’ka street
№5 just to check if the live beer had the same taste even though made from new sorts of hops and malted grain.